RED BEAD Experiment the original Dr. Deming style
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Implementing a TQM; Six Sigma or other quality improvement program has basically the same steps.  

But, FIRST you have to create a working relationship between the workforce and management. 

Dr. Deming's theory is instrumental in understanding the pitfalls in the worker / management relationship.

The Deming RED BEAD Experiment is an insightful tool in getting started in the implementation of the worker / management relationship.

The Red Bead Experiment is a perfect tool to teach the statistical SQC concepts and methods to produce control charts that are fundamental to the Six Sigma and Dr. Deming's techniques. more info on SQC charts

Our 37 minute, two part video, of the Dr. Deming RED BEAD Experiment in play was developed to be shown to all levels of the workforce from top management to the entry level worker in your organization. 

Part one of the video is an excellent sample script for using the Red Bead Experiment in an office environment.

Part two of the video is a discussion of Dr. Deming's famous 14 Obligations of management and the inter-relationship with the RED BEAD Experiment. It is an excellent way to introduce Dr. Deming's 14 Points - Obligations of Management to your audience. 

Our  RED BEAD  DVD with its deep linking menus make it an excellent quick reference guide to keep ready to be used when discussing issues with either a small group at your desk or a large group in a meeting room.


Red Bead Experiment
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