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The RED BEAD Experiment is used as  a tool to bring people together and to get past the emotional aspects of discussing problems. The word problem is near and dear to people and we must convenience them to let go of the emotional attachment and to discuss the issue not the person.

Using the term RED BEAD to discuss a problem, people feel less threatened.

Note: If you have sound and video capability on your computer, we have developed a short video presentation that may assist in the explanation.
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Workers must learn to trust management and management must learn to trust workers. Each has an important role to play in the identification and resolution of problems that we face in our work place.

It does not matter if it is a manufacturing or service setting. Also, it does not matter if it is private or public sector or a non-profit agency.

In addition, it is important to bring the suppliers and the customers into the discussion and problem solving.

We are now talking about a new way to look at our workplace. We are all customers and suppliers of each other in the modern business world!

The RED BEAD experiment is not for just a single meeting. I would keep it on my desk and use it several times a day to assist in the discuss of some important issue between yourself and other co-workers.

It is a truly - win - win - win situation !

Take a look and do some research.

You will find that many companies, organizations and government agencies from the US Navy, to the New Zealand Navy to the major universities of the world are using the RED BEAD Experiment.


Red Bead Experiment
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